Abandoned land maintenance



Services: abandoned land management / abandoned land management / tree and branch pruning

We carry out abandoned land management works. We work with land plots and lands abandoned for various uses. Our services: high grass cutting, lawn renewal and maintenance work, tree and shrub cutting, branch pruning, cutting down of woody vegetation, scam plowing, shredding of wood, formation of relief, nursery renewal, various environmental management tasks.

Management of abandoned land – it is a process that requires help from skilled professionals with vast practical and long-standing experience. The experienced staff of UAB “Deforta” will assess your land and propose the most effective measures for of the object management. Visual inspection of the land is organized both in urban and countryside areas. We provide detailed advice on the issues of renewing the land, offer the most optimal work procedure and carry out the renewal of the abandoned territory.

Management of abandoned lots – is available across the whole Lithuania. Aiming to fulfill this task we use only modern and reliable technology. We take care of abandoned farms, parks, forests, meadows, multi-purpose land. We provide land formation, subgrading and management services. Quality Guaranteed! Properly managed abandoned land improves the aesthetics of the land, makes ground maintenance easier and allows better exploitation. At the request of the customer, we can lay roadbeds and create access roads.

One of the most important tasks of the management of abandoned land are tree and branche pruning, and wood chopping. Tree pruning helps to get rid of dry, damaged, pest and disease affected, and malnourished parts. Using professional equipment, we get rid of broken, inclined and dangerous stems and branches while maintaining natural form of the tree.