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JSC Deforta  by working in area of stump disposal services found out some  existing problems. First of all the environmental problems caused by delivering tens of thousands tons of stumps to the landfills annually. In accordance with the legislation the waste disposal determine big financial contribution (25 thousand Lt/t) what causes other problems: stump burning (increasing air pollution indicators) or leaving them in the fields near to forests or construction sites. Furthermore the scale of the problem is growing as Lithuania has started building a cross-border engineering objects (a railway line RailBaltic or electrical connection LitPolLink) and these objects potentially will cause 172000 tons of waste.

JSC Deforta  has found the solution and is willing to purchase a new technology equipment  which allows to provide services without any waste instead of existing concept of killing stumps. The new technology is able to crush the mower stumps  and wood in conjunction with soil and even small stones  leaving  only compressed soil mixture which becomes suitable for construction and other activities.

If to compare the services of stump destruction provided with a new generation mower and with currently applicable methods the new generation mower would have these advantages:

• environmental – this method doesn’t create any waste to be disposed to the landfills and doesn’t  harm to the soil (burial ) or air (incineration) ;

• productivity – a new generation mower  performs the job much faster as it crushes the soil in the area instead of pulling or drilling every single stump and allows to economise human resources , fuel , as well as time;

• financial – it is calculated that the price for the service could be several times lower than current market prices including cleaning of large areas and waste disposal costs.

Project is partly financed by Norwegiant financial mechanism and Respublic of Lithuania.